about him

Valentino is an italian multidisciplinary designer temporary based in Italy. He is passionate about designing products people will use everyday, improving them by failing, learning and iterating. He loves to create new visual languages, to fight for proper user experience and to find the straightest way to go from A to B. As former professional cyclist he knows the importance that every detail has in order to achieve something. He was Creative Director at TripRebelTripRebel
On the mission
to create
the smartest way
to book a hotel
and now is available for freelancing projects.

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selected features

His works have been featured and written about in several books, magazines and blogs.

  • Inspiration
    Borchdesign Publishing Co. Ltd. / 2014
  • Infographic Design Book
    Sendpoint Publishing Co. Ltd. / 2013
  • The Moo Blog
    April 2015
  • Etapes
    July 2014 Issue
  • Colour Party 2
    Sendpoint Publishing Co. Ltd. / 2013
  • Page
    February 2015, December 2015